Ducati superbike continues its progression with the launch of 1299 Superleggera 2017 model. Finished with carbon fiber wheels, frames, as well as fairings, Ducati boasts its standing of being the most technologically improved superbike, ever. The model is quite different as compared to the Panigale R which was introduced, the 1299 Superleggera model uses Ducati’s 1285cc engine, with 116 x 60.8mm dimension of bore and stroke respectively.


1299 Superleggera Components:

When it comes to overall look, the 1299 Superlegger’s main focus is less heavy and has better peak power than the 1199 Panigale model. And so, Ducati has remodeled the piston crests and increased the compression ratio, enlarged the valves, modified the camshafts aimed at increasing lift, and restructured the cylinder crown with redesigned intake as well as exhaust ports. The Ducati 1299 Superleggera is not only the most effective and outstanding two-cylinder engine designed by Ducati in its all-time. Besides, it’s a EURO 4 compatible and produces 10 hp more than the 1299 Panigale engine. Other electronic tools incorporate Ducati Power Launch, quick shifter, Engine Brake Control.

Superbike Exterior:

Owning a 1299 Superleggera will build up your riding experience, as it comes with an Akrapovič full-titanium exhaust, license plate and kickstand removal kit, racing screen, mirror plugs, bike cover and paddock stands. In the same way as the 1199 Panigale model, Ducati has furnished the 1299 Superleggera model with a simpler, titanium rods, tungsten crankshaft, as well as a lighter flywheel. Besides, Ducati also moved back to the aluminum cylinder liners design as a replacement of steel, which is an exciting move, though Ducati changed to steel on 1299 model with an aim of stopping any fluid chamber’s updates in the cylinder. However, the steel liners were weighty, meaning that the 1299’s engine has reduced weight

Superleggera’s 4.6lbs engine is lighter than that of 1299 Panigale, and generates an extremely striking 215hp at 11,000 rpm. This is 10 more than the average superbike engine. Other updates that comes with this model include; Superbike air filter, reshaped body opening, and inlets which vary in length. A carbon fiber frame is also an important feature in 1299 Superleggera. With the inclusion of simpler and lighter flywheel, the crankshaft, pistons, cylinder liner and con- rods is approximately 5.3 lbs. lighter than that of 1299 Panigale superbike model.

During its design, the carbon fiber materials went through rigorous tests to make certain of integrity reliability all feasible circumstances, and that all components went through an outstanding control process likewise to that which was kept into use in Moto GP. The DSC system functions the same as 1299 Panigale, but functions to restrain slide instead of solely tire spin. DWC is an advancement of the 1299 Anniversario wheel control feature, and re-calibration has been done on the Cornering ABS too. Other electronic tools incorporate Ducati Power Launch, quick shifter, Engine Brake Control.

Final Verdict:

This is a product that everybody will always want to buy or own it. However, the model is quite similar to the previous Panigale R model. And thus far, it comes with a better experience and believe me or not, many people have bought this Superbike Model and are happy with the product.

Ducati’s 1299 Superleggera Superbike Announced for 2017

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