If you’re searching for a city-accommodating car with standout designing and striking presentation, the fiat 500 car model and the mini cooper 2 door regardless of the model are without a doubt on your shopping list. Actually, these two interesting models might be the main cars models on your shopping list, as there aren’t many cars out there like them. But which one is the best over the other one? Beneath is a comparison between this two models precisely in terms reliability, fuel consumption, technology and safety features


1. Reliability 

Originally the full range of mini car models were tormented with problems, reliability experts at J.D. Control have great things to say about newer models – out of that they granted for the latest among mini cooper model with a reliability rating of above normal. Sadly, J.D. Control has yet to say something regarding the fiat 500 model. As for guarantee length, these two models offer indistinguishable scope: after four years or about 50,000 miles of heavily congested assurance. 

 2. Fuel Economy 

The fiat 500 model offers three different sorts of engines – however they’re truly three different varieties of the same engine. Base models use a 101-horsepower 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-chamber engine, which returns up to 31 miles for each gallon in the town and 40 mpg on the roadway. The 500 model Turbo applies a 135-hp which touts 28 mpg city/34 mpg who, category of that engine, At long last, 

For the case, the mini cooper S model also gives three powertrains. Other models applies e a 134-hp turbocharged which touts an impressive 29 mpg city and 40 mpg hwy. 3-chamber engine, the energizing mini cooper S car model uses a 189-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-barrel engine, which boasts 24 mpg city and 34 mpg hwy. At last, the elite John mini cooper Works model offers a fantastic 228 hp and gas mileage ratings that span as high as 25 mpg city and 31 mpg hwy. 


 3. Safety 

As for safety elements, both the mini cooper and fiat 500 abarth offer all that you require – such as typical side-shade airbags, stability and footing control and non-freezing stopping devices. But neither one of the models offers any of latest safety additional features, including forward-collision cautioning, blind side observing or path takeoff cautioning. While these items aren’t as essential for these models as they’re on family SUVs models and sedans models, we still wouldn’t see any problems with seeing no less than a couple of them on the options list. Still, until further notice, these two models attach with regards to safety. 

4. Technology 

 Despite its absence of safety elements, the cooper r53 s offers an impressive exhibit of gadgets and features that outshine the accessible gear on the fiat 500 model. For example, there’s an immense 8.8-inch focus touchscreen in the mini, contrasted with a minor screen in the fiat model. The mini model also offers an accessible route system), heads-up display, a 10-speaker stereo, a, a computerized stopping system, smartphone application mix, a go down camera, 

For the above compared and contrasted elements make your decision and choose the best that will yield a lot from small input and spare your cash ,your time and guarantee return on any input

Fiat 500 Abarth Vs. Mini Cooper? Who is the Better Performer?

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