From the initial day the bulky muscle car build became popular in  car world , muscle cars were something that were meant to exhibit power and authority for those who chose to invest in them. They were, and still are, a sign of the times in that there is a deeply rooted infatuation in what they mean to any given stakeholder. There was something wholly intoxicating about the way they sound as they pound the pavement and it makes most people a believer from the get go. And if the series was fast forwarded from the time of the muscle cars inception into modern day, one would see the oversized SUV at the other end of the spectrum.

Independence and Choice 

There are many differences between the muscle car and the SUV vehicles. First of which is the fact that having insurance for either one can be a pricey endeavor for the owner. And with ever changing safety standards, adjustments have had to be made over the course of time. There are differences in how many passengers each vehicle can safely and comfortably carry within them. The differences between the two vehicles are many and cannot be understated, but both have great value. 


Price Point Listing 

When it comes to the price point listing, it is important to remember that the buyer gets what they pay for. That means that a higher price is associated with a more powerful engine, high tread tires, and soft leather finishes on the inside. On the other hand, when it comes to the SUV you also get what you pay for. And for the SUV that translates into a heavier unit, most interior seating, and usually more bells and whistles on the inside like TV monitors, GPS, and more radio speakers. There are also safety components that may not be readily available in a muscle car like anti – lock brakes safety controls, and airbags. 

Now, there are newer lines of muscle cars that resemble the original units but with improved enhancements incorporated within. But that usually means that there might be a higher price point than the original. They tend to offer all of the appeal of the old school muscle cars, but with better safety measures and newer abilities as well. 

Both the muscle car and the SUV have made major improvements since their inception. They have both taken the consumer feedback and governmental guidelines and applied them to their manufacturing practices. The original spirit of the muscle car and the SUV have both been protected through all of the changes. And even though they have served very different purposes, they are both filling a much needed market niche.


Some may question whether the old school muscle car has outlived its time. But any true car enthusiast might beg to differ on that topic as they see the inherent value in the piece of equipment. No one can deny that when the muscle car was first made, that it was nothing short of an unforgettable and cherished time. All in all, there is a love for the old timey muscle car that can’t be denied and if history is a good predictor of the future then that love will always come first.

Also check out this super badass hellcat burnout video below! 😉 Enjoy.

Modern Day Muscle Cars Vs. Collector Cars

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